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Last publication of the French Arctic Center
EHESS - Paris

Inter-Nord 20 June 2003

Inter-Nord 20 June 2003
International journal of arctic studies
Bilingual French-English
360 pages - 29,5 x 21 cm
65 colour pictures- 60b&w pictures- 12 maps
26 drawings - 57 figures
100 euros

Inter-Nord, founded by Fernand Braudel and Jean Malaurie, is not only bilingual, it is too the only interdisciplinary and international French arctic journal .
Published under the aegis of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research), the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Institute of higher education in the social sciences) and the Muséum National d'Histoire aturelle (National Museum of Natural History), Inter-Nord is directed by Jean Malaurie (French Arctic Center's Director) and an international committee

Volume 20, work of 34 specialists, is divided in to 9 sections : Earth And Ocean Sciences, Historical Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, the activity of foreign arctic research institutions, Museology, Geostrategy, biographies and an special section devoted to Ungava-Nunavik, newly self-governing region of north-eastern Canada.

The socio-economic study on Nunavik is of particular interest. It was conducted by seven experts who participate in the French-Quebecois Commission on the future of the Inuit in Northern Quebec - itself a product of the agreement between French President de Gaulle and the Prime Minister of Quebec, Donald Johnson. This pioneering Study, which has the support of Charlie Watt, who was to become Inuit Senator, was shelved for its audacity in 1970 by the relevant state department : it recommended self-determination for the Inuit people of Northern Quebec.

Its socio-economic analyses will surprise the reader, their findings revealing the harshness of the neo-colonial system at work in school, churches and commerce.


- Jean Malaurie (French Arctic Center's Director, State Polar Academy of St-Petersburg's President) : A true international cooperation
I Earth Sciences and oceanography
- L. Serebryanny and A. Orlov : The migration of debris in glacial systems of Spitsbergen
- J-L. Tison : Basal ice I a key to the mechanism of glacier dynamics and glacier erosion
II History
- C. Juègues-Wolkiewiez : Introduction and methodology of ethnoastronomy
- M-L Prévost : Victor Hugo and the polar world
- D. Indiens : Eskimos in Scotland c. 1682-1924
- E-A Drivenes : Voyages of the North scientific commission in Scandinavia, Laponia, Spitsbergen and Feroe islands during 1838, 1839 and 1840 years
- R. M. SØby : A drama in the arctic desert. Professor Ross Marvin's murder
- H. Simpson : The stress hormone diary of a party ski-ing 640 kilometers across the Greenland ice sheet
- S.S. Sulejmanov, V. G. Diatchenko, et I. P. Kol'cov : The health of indigenous children of the Amur Bassin : an indication of the ecological situation of the region
- S. Gonberg : Cardiovascular diseases among Arctic people : chronicle of an announced disaster
IV Social Sciences
Traditional societies
- E. Navet : The pow-wow in the north American Indian cultures
- J.Benoît : Cernunnos and the Western Celtic civilization of the reindeer : example of a functional mutation
- Y. Delaporte : The categorization of abilities in the Lapp pastoralism
- A. Muran : Black on White
- T. Johnson : A diachronic study of the Yupik Eskimo inviting-in
- J. Malaurie : Circumpolar art - North people and the sacred
Current evolution
- R. G. Condon : Changing patterns of conflict management and aggression among Inuit youth in the central Canadian Arctic
- D.A. et A.A. Bartels : Language education programmes for aboriginal people of the soviet north and Far East (Herzen Institute)
- A.M. Bidaud : Film and arctic people. Three exemplary treatments
V Institute of arctic research
- M.P. Robinson : The Artic Institute of North America : its mission for the 1990s
- I.I. Cigel'Nickij : A Soviet scientific center in Polar studies
- Secrétariat d'Inter-Nord : The french Arctic Center (EHESS and CNRS Paris)
- A. T. Chaoukenbaeva : History of State Polar Academy of St-Petersburg
- S. Devers : The Jean Malaurie Polar Library and Archives
VI Muséology
- A.Fraysse : Museological news (Russia)
VII Géostratégy
- T. Armstrong : The Northern Sea Route, 1985-1989
VIII Arctic personalities
- J. Duff : Thomas F. Johnson, Alaskan ethnomusicologist
- P. Henrat : An unrecognized Arctic explorer, Émile de Bray (1829-1879)
- P. Loisel : Alphonse-Louis Pinart, from Boulogne-sur-mer to Alaska
- J. Malaurie : As a token for our dead
Special section : Ungava Bay/Nunavik - Socio-economic study
- J. Malaurie : Preface
- M. Malone : From New Quebec to Nunavik, 1969-1993 : change and continuity
- J. Malaurie : Kuujjuaq ( Fort-Chimo) 1970
- P. Adam : Economical and social problems in Ungava Bay and especially in George River
- Y. Berger : Ecology and prospects of reindeer or caribou breeding in North Quebec
- S. Sable : Inquiry on incoming and purchase expenses of Tasiujaq families in New Quebec
- R. Laurens : Essay on possibilities of husbandry introduction in the Inuit communities of New Quebec

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